Jackie O's Brewery

オハイオ州アセンズにあるJackie O's Breweryは、アグレッシブなIPA、バレルエイジドのインペリアルスタウト、そしてファンキーなサワーで知られています。また、Hill Farmsteadなどの一流ブルワリーとも頻繁にコラボレーションをしており、BeerAdvocateやRateBeer、Untappdといったビール評価サイトのトップ100のリストに、毎年ランクインしています。オーナーのアート・オーストライクが2006年に閉業したブルーパブを買収。彼の母親であるジャッキーさんの名前にちなみ、Jackie O'sと名付けたことに始まり、ヘッドブルワーにはブラッド・クラークを迎え、すぐさまオハイオ大学の学生のカルト的な人気を得ます。

もともと8hlの設備で醸造が始まりましたが、人気が高まるにつれて醸造量も増加、 2013年に8キロ離れた場所に22hlの醸造システムを導入しました。さらに2015年には熟成タンクを増やし、品質管理のラボとサワービール専用室を増設します。これにより、通年販売の定番ビールのほか、季節限定やコラボビールを数多く生み出し、ビールメディアや全国のクラフトビアファンからも好評を得ています。


Jackie O's Brewery, based in Athens, Ohio, is known for aggressive IPAs, barrel-aged imperial stouts, and funky sours, frequently places on Ratebeer.com and Beer Advocate top 100 lists, and regularly collaborates with giants like Hill Farmstead. Jackie O’s journey started in 2006, when Art Oestrike bought the former O’Hooley’s brewpub, a declining product of the 90’s brewpub boom, and hired Brad Clark as his brewer. Oestrike renamed the bar Jackie O’s in honor of his mother Jackie, and he and Clark cultivated a cult following with Ohio University students.

As the brewery’s popularity has grown, so has its footprint. Starting from a 7 barrel system at the brewpub, Jackie O’s opened an 8,000-barrel production brewery in 2013 five miles from the brewpub; in 2015, they expanded once more, this time a massive blowout of their production facility, adding 120-barrel fermenters, a quality control lab and a dedicated space for souring. In addition to a range of flagship beers available year round, Jackie O's produces many seasonals and one-off beers throughout the year -- many of which have received accolades from craft beer lovers around the country.

Jackie O's receives about half of its energy from solar panels installed at its brewery, and they support the consumption of local food from farms within 30 mi (48 km) of the city of Athens at their establishments. They also own Barrel Ridge Farm, one of the local farms that supplies produce for their food menu. Their motto encapsulates their business model: “Sustainably Crafted With Purpose.”