Jackie O's

Grisette Style Ale Aged In Oak Wine Barrels

アルコール度数/ABV: 4.5%

麦芽: 二条大麦、ビエナーモルト、ホワイトウィート、オーツ
Malt: 2-Row, Vienna Malt, White Wheat, Oats

ホップ: モザイク
Hops: Mosaic

酵母: セゾン、ブレタノミセス
Yeast: Classic Saison Strains, House Brett


Grisettes were originally brewed for the industrial workers similar to how saisons were brewed for the farmhands. Similar in design and purpose; nourishment, hydration, and brightened morale. This grisette, Scrip, is named after the controversial form of currency used in mining towns, only to be spent at the company store. Scrip, was primarily fermented with saison strains and brettanomyces; no beer souring bacteria was used. After 2 months in stainless, it spent 9 months in oak wine barrels. Crisp and refreshing with notes of tart citrus and pineapple.